Empire Avenue Beginners Guide

Empire Kred

Empire Avenue


This is the first in a series to guide you through Empire Avenue when you first start

You are being guided by (e)StevenJH and (e)Angelika

Invitation to Join

If someone you know invited you to join Empire Avenue , the invitation will look like this

Simply click ‘Accept Invite’ (1)

Invitation to Join

When you

click ‘Accept Invite’ , you will be taken to the Empire Avenue webpage

Press ‘Get Started’ (1)

When you

Registering on Empire Avenue

The blank registration screen

Registering on Empire Avenue

Enter your details

(1) Your Email Address
(2) Your Name
(3) The ‘ticker’ or ID you would like to use.

Everyones ticker should be unique , the system will check whether the one you choose is already in use . If it is simply choose another one

(4) and (5) enter the password you want to use . Both fields need to be the same

Enter your details

Tell us how you want…

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