6 Qualities of Content That Gets Socially Shared and Goes Viral

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Who doesn’t like shares and retweets? They’re addictive, they spread the word about your brand or website and they’re free promotion. But unfortunately, they aren’t very easy to get, especially given how crowded and noisy the web has become. Even as you read this, hundreds of posts are being published and thousands of updates are being posted on your favorite social media channels and you are probably going to miss out on most of them (that doesn’t mean you should close this and go back to your social streams).

The point I am trying to make is that getting your content promoted on social media has gotten tougher, especially the free aspect of it. Gone are the days when you could put up something interesting and you’d get tons of engagement on it. Now you really need to invest time and effort into making a return. But all is still not…

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Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video Challenge

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Ready to tell the world why YOU play Empire Avenue?

The Sir Rudiger Testimonial Video Challenge is a contest for Empire Avenue players interested in sharing their experiences as an Empire Avenue player to show both new and/or existing players why they should join (or come back) to enjoy the Empire Avenue platform and all it has to offer.

This contest has 6 categories:
1.Number One Benefit of Empire Avenue: What’s the number one benefit of playing Empire Avenue?
2.Share Your Story: Why do you play Empire Avenue? Do you have a favorite EA feature?
3.Empire Avenue Leaders”: Are you an Empire Avenue Leader? What’s the best benefit? How has it helped your game?
4.Content Discovery”: How do you use Empire Avenue to discover new content?
5.Empire Avenue & Your Business or Cause”: How have you used Empire Avenue…

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Nicole Kidman’s Father Unexpectedly Dies in Singapore

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Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman’s father, Antony Kidman, has reportedly died in Singapore after a fall.

According to Australia’s news broadcaster ABC, the elder Kidman was in Singapore visiting his other daughter Antonia, Nicole’s sister, when the fall occurred. Few details of the accident have been released, though a Singapore police spokesman did tell Reuters that they were “investigating the unnatural death.”

Antony Kidman was a clinical psychologist, biochemist and author who had worked with the University of Technology’s Health Psychology Unit in Sydney, Australia. In 2005, he was awarded an Order of Australia for his contributions to health services.

“It is with great sadness that we learn of Dr Tony Kidman’s sudden passing. During his 43 years at the University of Technology, Sydney, Tony has contributed greatly—as a colleague, as a researcher, and as a health practitioner,” vice-chancellor professor Attila Brungs told Reuters in a statement. “Tony will…

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The Jordan Williams Whaledump – Cutting for the Rebuild

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potential work 1potential work 2potential work 3potential work 4

September 25, 2010
Jordan Williams, 9/25, 11:34pm

How to use income-splitting to get a free ride on the taxpayer —

How to use income-splitting to get a free ride on the taxpayer —
Take a sin­gle work­ing par­ent on $80,000. Take a stu­dent, age 20 – inel­i­gi­ble for stu­dent allowance due to parent’s income. As they don’t work, they have no tax­able income. But, they are still eli­gi­ble for stu­dent loans for course
Cameron Slater, 9/26, 12:10am

Jordan Williams, 9/26, 12:13am

Oh you can’t see the comment. I’ll copy to you once I’m back in front of my computer.
Cameron Slater, 9/26, 12:17am

I’ll check
October 11, 2010
Cameron Slater, 10/11, 8:06am

hmmm will she regret these words

Dalziel: Name Suppression Rules Need To Be Tougher | Voxy.co.nz
Labour believes rules around name suppression need to be consistent…

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Empire Avenue Mission Mania has begun #EAv-Missions

Double dividends

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One of the most powerful aspects of Empire Avenue is the ability to run missions .


Ready, set, DOUBLE your daily dividends by doing missions!

UTC: Aug 22 0100 => Sept 2 0100 (EDT: Aug 21 9:00 pm => Sept 1 9:00 pm)

What do you need to do ?

* Do at LEAST 11 missions in every 24 hour period to trigger dividend bonuses

What will you earn ?

* You’ll earn an extra 2% payout on dividends UP TO 100% (or 50 missions)
* You MUST maintain positive feedback — negative feedback will disqualify you for that 24 hour period
* GIVE POSITIVE & NEGATIVE FEEDBACK TO YOUR MISSION COMPLETERS — this is the time to recognize the people who go above and beyond by giving your mission extra attention.

* No feedback = ONE positive
* Positive feedback = TWO positive

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