More BundlePost Upgrades And Added Features Go Live

BundlePost Upgrades


BundlePost releases new upgradeYou know that huge wish list you have in a spreadsheet somewhere on your computer? The things you would really like to get done that improves your product or service, but might not be the highest priority. Things that make it look better, work better or even just flow better. That list you keep adding to, but never seem to have the time to tackle? Ya that…

BundlePost quietly launched a substantial package of upgraded interface, features and enhancements late last week that had been on our wish list for some time. While a few other large development projects were moving to their next phase, our team focused on some massive improvements that any savvy application user would expect from a social media tool.

What’s New?

Interface – We have unified all navigational buttons across the platform. We chose a clean format that is something you would expect to see in an…

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Leveraging Multiple Social Media Accounts For Better Results [Infographic]

Leveraging your social places with cross promotion


Last week as we were going through our normal social media marketing processes, and we began discussing one of the reasons our social media has been so successful in a very crowded space of social media tools. Many marketers, brands and individuals have multiple social media accounts, but often do not consciously integrate them to achieve the best results. The BundlePost brand executes a very specific procedure for leveraging all of our personal and brand social accounts to achieve the maximum reach, exposure, views and impressions.

This daily process involves cross promotional posting between our teams personal social accounts, back to the brand accounts as well as a consistent system of cross promoting to and from multiple brand social accounts to each other, our content and web properties. Sound a little complex? It can be…

Some of you may be reading this a thinking to yourself, well duh, of course you have to cross…

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The Hunter’s Moon #FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°6 #EmpireAve #SocialNetworking

Joining this

Empire Kred

There are native American names for the full moons that you can find here,here or here.

October month full moon was namedHunter’s Moonbecause after the fields have been reaped, the leaves begin to fall and the deer are fat and ready for eating. Hunters can ride easily over the fields’ stubble, and the fox and other animals are more easily spotted. October’s full moon is also known as the Travel Moon, the Dying Moon, the Moon of Falling Leaves and/or the Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon because of its bright color.

#FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°6 Schedule

The event will start on Tuesday 7th of October at 18:00 UTC and will last until Monday the 13th in HERE.

What is this about?

A great opportunity for you to super charge your social networking, to meet Empire Avenue Leaders, to connect with…

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On News & Newsworthiness

Got this from her just now
“…all Michael ever does is stir the pot and doesn’t carry thru. We need doers on EA. So Michael, maybe you can start giving Steven some great posts to share on the blog.We need unity and from what I am hearing from you MQT is a way to tear EA apart. You want it your way,…”


Ending the Radio Silence… Time for a Beta yet?

Back at the start

Empire Kred

Yup, we’ve been pretty silent during the last couple of weeks. Amazing what happens when everyone is off working. But, oh look, today’s February 1. Well, that means we’re closer to unveiling Empire Avenue. This is going to be a short, short blog post. Our plan is to open up the site with a very special Friends and Family Beta sometime this month. Woah, a beta? Yep. You heard it right here, and the day we open up that beta, we’re going to reveal all there is to know about us… well, almost. Gotta keep some secrets 😉

So have a good look at that Team page and see if you know someone there. If you do, you should probably let one of them know through Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, smoke signals, cookie bribes, cupcake kidnappings or other, more nefarious methods (see below). Now, note the “Friends and Family” part of…

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