You Are Now Uninsurable!

Great advice to have cover

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These are the words Tom, my insurance broker and consultant said to me a month or so ago when I told him I had Prostate Cancer. Not too long previously I had reduced my life cover and the delay before I can claim on my income protection insurance from 2 to 3 months off work, against his advice I must admit.

Insurance By David Fletcher; Dominion

I have spent a fortune on Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance premiums over the years and never once made a claim. We often debated whether we should drop them and thought about how much money we would have saved if we had put the same amount of money in the bank.

It turns out that there is some cover that I may be able to access from the Income Protection Insurance and I am working through a pile of forms at the moment to…

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I have Prostate Cancer

Silenium Luigi! New Zealand does not have it in the soil is why prostrate cancer is more common there than anywhere else! My Dad went through all this for 8 long years

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image_4 HOPE: Taken in the 2013 Relay For Life when I did my first marathon distance (took me almost the whole 24 hours!)

I was of two minds as to whether to share this, but it is one way of telling my friends, readers, colleagues and associates without having to tell the same story to everyone over and over. It’s not an easy subject to talk about. I’m not comfortable telling it and I know other people find it awkward to know what to say to me, so this is an easy option for all of us. Of course most don’t know yet because it was only a couple of weeks ago that I found out that it is serious.

Technically I shouldn’t know that I have cancer. I only know because my wife kept pushing me because of the health advertising and the fact that we have a huge number…

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Give New Meaning to Your Life and Find Joy with this Prime Strategy #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB05

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The fifth  entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Sergio Medeiros from  San Jose  , a member of Empire.Kred since the beginning of November 2015


Give New Meaning to Your Life and Find Joy with this Prime Strategy

Lots of people get swept up in the nerve-racking demands associated with life, especially small enterprises and particularly people who work for themselves in a few capacities or another. The thing is, “We get into business because a dream is had by us.” Whatever that desire is, all of us frequently drop view from it and “After that all of us get drawn into the continuous needs associated with the business enterprise” or the life span we reside. “Before too long, we have been enslaved because of it.” This is actually the tragedy from the modern-day business person.

You can read the full blog posthere 

If you would like to enter the Blogathon you should

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Sir Rudiger’s Top 10 Reasons to Join the Leaders

This package of in-game benefits supercharges your game and lets you network with top players in Empire.Kred and around the web

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Did you join the Empire after April 15th? You missed the deal of the century: The Ultimate Leaders Upgrade. This package of in-game benefits supercharges your game and lets you network with top players in Empire.Kred and around the web. Plus, you’ll get everything you need to build YOUR social media empire.

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Leaders is accepting members for a limited time — so whether you just joined, or missed the last sale, NOW IS THE TIME to give your game a powerful boost.


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What will YOU do with 100 million eaves?

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It’s time to find out! During the Build YOUR Empire INVITE-A-THON you’ll earn 2 million eaves for every friend, fan, or follower who accepts your invitation and activates their account fully*. Your friend gets 2 million eaves, too!

kozzi-11226347-social_networking_or_social_media_concept_vector-4000x4000 copyYou can earn up to 100 million eaves by recruiting 50 people. Sound intimidating? Start by aiming for 5 – that’s 10 million eaves! Just for getting people who will improve your Empire.Kred experience to join you.

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