What will YOU do with 100 million eaves?

Empire Kred

It’s time to find out! During the Build YOUR Empire INVITE-A-THON you’ll earn 2 million eaves for every friend, fan, or follower who accepts your invitation and activates their account fully*. Your friend gets 2 million eaves, too!

kozzi-11226347-social_networking_or_social_media_concept_vector-4000x4000 copyYou can earn up to 100 million eaves by recruiting 50 people. Sound intimidating? Start by aiming for 5 – that’s 10 million eaves! Just for getting people who will improve your Empire.Kred experience to join you.

You must use your unique referral link
You’ll find it at the very bottom of this page in tiny type:


Who should you invite?
You’re an Empire.Kred player – and that makes you the best possible person to decide who YOU want to see in the game. Who do you know who wants to track or build their social network? Who will do or run missions or enjoy the social stock market? Who shares…

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