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Empire Kred


BIG Thank you to everyone who entered

Paul Finkelstein Edust Use empire.kred here’s why EKB14 Link 
Kornelia Santoro KORNELIASAN Empire Kred the place to be EKB03 Link
Avil Beckford AVILBECKFORD Read it, Learn it, Analyze it, Apply it EKB01 Link
Sally K. Witt SALLYKWITT Why Should You Join #EmpireKred NOW??? November is exciting!! EKB02  Link
Joseph L Rosenberg CPAJOE The new empire.kred EKB04  Link 
Sergio Medeiros SERGIOSPEAKS Give New Meaning to Your Life and Find Joy with this Prime Strategy EKB05 Link
Nicky Kriel NICKYKRIEL How Empire.Kred increased my Klout score EKB06  Link
DES Daughter Network DESDAUGHTER The Full Frost Moon 20th FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event on EmpireKred EKB07  Link
Joseph L Rosenberg CPAJOE Planning for year-end and for the new year to come EKB 18 /19  Link
Avil Beckford AVILBECKFORD Time Management Techniques – Which is Right for You? EKB20  Link
Linda Fieth ELBEEFEETH The Empire Strikes

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Weird Watering Holes of Yokohama


Gaijin Tonic

Yokohama is Japan’s second biggest city, but it’s only 30 minutes from Tokyo by train, so most people hit the capital when they want to get utterly mashed and party on down. Yokohama does have a few of its own cool and unique bars and restaurants, though. Below are a list, in no special order, of my own personal favourite freaky hang-outs in Yokohama.


First off, a Luther-Vandross-themed nightclub. How’s that for starters? Bar Luther is the best place near Yokohama station to dance like a sex-machine. The DJ spins classic 80s soul tunes courtesy of Prince, Hot Chocolate, and Vandross. There are even floor-to-ceiling mirrors and a disco ball. And all without a trace of irony. Groovy!
Read more about it here.

Tel: 0453148993
Bar Luther Homepage


Looking more like a vintage toy emporium than a drinking hole, Characters, a self-styled “cafe/bar/fleamarket”…

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Sushi is Art

Nice one Detlev

DETart Blog

Enjoy great Food the right way

A few month ago I wrote about How to Eat Sushi like a Pro and 8 things to know about Sushi. Today, there is again some Sushi on the menu as …

Sushi is so delicious

To have a good Sushi, you need more than just some fish and a bit of rice. The right way to create Sushi is an Art. There are many components and even more traditional aspects to watch. Sit and watch the work of an good Itamea and you will understand where I’m talking about and what the Infographic about Sushi tells us.

To eat Sushi has as well some simple rules and you might remember this with the next visit in your favourite Sushi Restaurant.

Infographic about Sushi

Have a look the the Infographic made by Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Food as Art: The Mastercraft of Japanese Sushi

Produced by Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Tell me…

cursor 100x100_MattedAs always…

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Can Empire.Kred Help Virtual World Content Creators? #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB13

Yeah why not?

Empire Kred

The thirteenth  entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Instituto Espanol Second Life from Dallas, Texas , a member of Empire.Kred since September 2010


Empire.Kred is a social media scoring engine with a gamification twist. If you are unfamiliar with social media scoring systems, Klout is probably the industry standard. These scoring engines use enormous databases of social media participants and a variety of algorithms to arrive at scores that users can then use to compare their social media performance against other folks overall and in their sectors of influence. Kred is an Australian based competitor of Klout. In 2015, Kred acquired a smaller social media scoring engine called Empire Avenue. The Empire Avenue gaming format has been retained by Kred and I’d like virtual world content creators to take a look.

EmpireKred has gamified social media scoring by twisting in a replicated stock market. Players earn game currency called Eaves…

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Costs Associates with Purchase and Sales of Stock in Empire.Kred #BlogAThon Entry EKB10/11/12

Good info for new players thanks Joe

Empire Kred

The tenth , 11th and twelfth entries in Blogathon 2015 are from Joseph L Rosenberg CPA from  Florham Park  , a member of Empire.Kred since April 2015


Entry EKB10 Costs Associates with Purchase and Sales of Stock in Empire.Kred

Empire.kred is a virtual stock market game. In this article I will discuss issues associated with the purchase and sale of shares.
A member’s profile at empire.kred starts upon signing up at the site with a share price of 10. Over the next six days only up to 400 shares can be acquired by another player. On the seventh day the 400 share limit is removed and a player can acquire additional shares, also known as a bigger piece of the pie. The acquirer must either pay real money or eaves to increase their limit in 100 share increments up to 5,500 shares. The cost to acquire a bigger piece of the pie increases, too.

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Read it, Learn it, Analyze it, Apply it #EmpireKred #BlogAThon Entry EKB01

Blogathon is good idea #EmpireKred

Empire Kred

The first entry in Blogathon 2015 is from Avil Beckford from Toronto and a member of Empire.Kred since August 2013


Avil is an expert interviewer, entrepreneur and published author is passionate about books and professional development, and that’s why she founded The Invisible Mentor and the Virtual Literary World Tour to give you your ideal mentors virtually in the palm of your hands.

Read it, Learn it, Analyze it, Apply it

‘Have you ever read a great book, loaded with practical advice, yet you never implemented the ideas? I can see you nodding your head. We’ve all been there. We have good intentions, but things get in the way, and time passes, then we forget what we read. More than likely, you didn’t take very good notes while you were reading the book. Or you didn’t write your notes in a notebook that you could easily access. Or you didn’t take any…

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