Send [X]tra [X]eaves through March 15

Empire Kred

Many players have asked for a way to send eaves to new players. For the next two weeks, you can use [X]tra [X]eaves to welcome fresh faces – or to catch up with everyone you missed over [X]PendaPalooza!

Xtra Xeaves Throwing Art Item for Shop

Have fun and spread the eaves!

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[X]PendaPalooza 19: 72 hours of fun with pie, eaves, missions, investments, and gifts!

Empire Kred


[X]PendaPalooza was the very first event users created… and it’s been going strong ever since! This is the 19th time players will come together to help new players get a strong start. Seasoned players play to find new investments, spend new pie, pick up achievements, and, for the first time, they can send [X]tra [X]eaves to friends and new players. START NOW

[X]PendaPalooza will run for 72 full hours. Players have from Friday February 26, 2016 1000am E.S.T. to Monday February 29, 2016 at 1000am E.S.T to connect with new players, reconnect with old friends, and build wealth.

This is the nineteenth event of its kind – a carnival of buying and spending that helps newer players dramatically improve in wealth, and older players find new investments, and allows everyone to broaden their networks.

This event is also QUITE a bit of fun! =)

There will be TWO streams open: one for…

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Shuffling of Papers

Luigicappel's Weblog

image_4 HOPE

Yesterday I arrived at the Oncology office to see my specialist, confidently expecting good news. I thought that he would be telling me that my PSA had dropped to zero or thereabouts and we could start looking towards 6 monthly catch ups, despite the fact that the fatigue and frequent bathroom visits continued.

He shuffled the papers and took a little while, with a big confidence inspiring smile told me that not everyone gets over the radiation quickly. He reminded me that no one gets cured of cancer, the goal is to achieve remission.

I took confidence from his smile and asked him about my PSA levels. He had another look at the papers, frowned a little and then told me that they had increased by about 50%. He said that I am in the 5-10% of people who take 6-12 weeks to get over the radiation treatment, gave…

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Five days of non-stop networking at #FullMoonEngageMe

Empire Kred

Connect with social media leaders who share your interests at #FullMoonEngageMe, Empire.Kred’s monthly networking event.

fullmoonhunger2016-stream (1)

#FullMoonEngageMe is run by players for players. It’s a casual, low-key event that makes it easy to meet and connect with fellow players. Simply sign up in the EAv Gangstas community from February 19-23.  Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, it’s your chance to build your network.

Here’s how it works:

1) When the event starts on Friday, February 19th around 07:00 UTC the sign-up thread will unlock. Post your ticker (your user name) anytime before the thread locks on February 23rd to let other players know you want to play.

2) As other people post their tickers, take a minute to say hi and visit their social media networks. THIS EVENT IS ALL ABOUT CONNECTING. Consider following people on Twitter and Facebook, engaging on their blogs, visiting them on Google+, Instagram, or other networks. There is…

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Empire.Kred Blogathon 2015 Results

Empire Kred


Firstly a BIG thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

We are very grateful to Sarah Arrow of Sarkemedia who has judged the competition .

There were entries in three categories


The winner is Robert Zarywacz with ‘It can be lonely in the crowd cloud, so find friends on #EmpireKred’p_lg_ROBERTZ_0c8523b37f91Business

The winner is Avil Beckford with Time Management Techniques – Which is Right for You?p_lg_AVILBECKFORD_e1bbd50a6ba9Social Media

The winner is Matthew Carpenter with A Christian’s Guide to Social Media p_lg_PASTORFLBC_522b562ac22f

The overall winner is Robert Zarywacz


The winners in this section were chosen by the members of Empire.Kred

The Winner Michael Q Todd with Strategy. How I got my Empire Kred price to about 2400 and get daily benefit from itp_lg_MICHAELQTODD_29f7b87131202nd DES Daughter Network with The Full Frost Moon 20th FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event on EmpireKredDEsDAughterJoint 3rd

Kornelia Santoro with Kornelia’s Kitchenp_lg_KORNELIASAN_67bb639541fc

Nicky Kriel with How…

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